Commitment to ministry and education have always been intricately woven together in my life thanks to a family full of public school educators, church leaders, and pastors. I first experienced a call to ministry during my senior year of college and have nurtured that call through my M.Div. degree and advanced studies in biblical interpretation, as well as in professional and volunteer ministry work. As I conclude my doctoral studies, I am keeping my mind and heart open to the next place God has prepared for me, whether in a higher education setting or in full-time pastoral ministry. My personal experiences, my educational background, and my professional training have cultivated a number of strengths that make me well-suited for a pastoral position: a facility for preaching, a passion for education and Christian formation, a skill for worship planning and leadership, a heart for empathetic listening and communication, a gift for bringing out the best in others, a desire to advocate for social justice, and an investment in working with others to discern God’s calling for common life and ministry.

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  • “Each Generation Plays a Role in Preserving Baptist Heritage,” Report from the Capitol, May 14, 2003. (PDF)