Contributing to the Project

Thank you for considering contributing to this project! We appreciate your interest and help in making this project better. Please take a moment to review the following guidelines to ensure a smooth contribution process.

Getting Started

Before you start contributing, please check the README for instructions on setting up the project.

Contribution Guidelines

To contribute to this project, please follow these steps:

1. Fork the Repository

Click the “Fork” button at the top right of the repository to create a copy of this project in your own GitHub account. This will allow you to work on your changes without affecting the original repository.

2. Clone Your Fork

Use Git to clone your fork of the repository to your local machine. Replace [your-username] with your actual GitHub username.

git clone[your-username]/indigo.git

3. Create a New Branch

Before making changes, create a new branch for your work. Naming your branch descriptively will help others understand its purpose.

git checkout -b my-feature-branch

4. Make Changes

Make your changes or improvements to the project. Ensure your code follows the project’s coding guidelines.

5. Commit Your Changes

After making your changes, commit them with a clear and concise message explaining the purpose of the commit.

git commit -m "Add new feature"  # Use a descriptive commit message

6. Push to Your Fork

Push your changes to your forked repository on GitHub. This will update your branch with your latest commits.

git push origin my-feature-branch

7. Create a Pull Request

Once you have pushed your changes to your fork, go to the original repository and click the “New Pull Request” button. Follow the instructions to create a pull request.

8. Wait for Review

A project maintainer will review your pull request. Please be patient during the review process, and be prepared to make additional changes if requested.

9. Continuous Improvement

Your contributions are valuable! By participating in this project, you help improve it for everyone. Thank you for your support and collaboration! If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to raise them by following the Raise an issue process mentioned in the Contribution Guidelines.